vijaya anti-ragging


Anti Ragging

Vijaya’s Anti-ragging cell was set up to safeguard the rights of the fresher engineering students. They should pursue education in a fearless and safe environment, and we put our every effort to achieve it in our campus. As a result, the ragging cases are zero in and outside of our college premises.

Our anti ragging cell consists of the experienced faculty, who can deal the ragging activities sternly. It also organizes numerous spies across the campus, who provide the cell with the information regarding any ragging incidents, and this enables the cell to take quick actions against the incidents, thereby saving the fresher students from any kind of niggles. The responsible students will face stern action against their acts.

Hence our fresher students are protected from ragging all the time, and we also take effective measures to curb the evil ragging in first place, which have contributed to the decline of ragging incidents to zero in our campus.