vijaya central-library


Central Library

For the first time in the District of Khammam, a centralized library in a separate building has been established. Vijaya has highly advanced and well stocked centralized library. It has more than 27,000 volumes,126 national and 87 international journals,  fully automated digital library, periodicals, magazines & online journals.The Library has fully computerized automated system for the transaction of the books and other reading materials.

Student should possess at least one text book for each subject of their study. It may be noted that library is not a provider of text books to students for their routine studies. Library is a reservoir of various sources of information and knowledge and students should utilize library as a source of additional information. They should cultivate the habit of studing in the library during library hours instead of leaving the college soon after the class work is over.

Our Central Library provides good learning materials throgh CDs, good Journals. National and International and Discussion rooms.

Librarian NameSeethaiah
Contact No.9949415193
Establishment year2008
No. of Volumes available in LibraryMore than 27,000