vijaya faculty-development

Faculty Development Program

Faculty Development Programs (FDP) are organized throughout the year in Vijaya. These events are aimed to develop the teaching skills of the lecturers regularly, so that they educate the students effectively.

To conduct the FDPs, we take the assistance of the top heads in the education niche or any other sectors. They have incredible experience, and they possess in-depth knowledge about various aspects. Hence, they can provide the lecturers with exceptional ideas, and explain them clearly, which can benefit the students in-turn.

The FDPs did brought tremendous improvement in the quality of education at Vijaya, and our lecturers have turned extraordinary in the teaching skills. The results are quite evident, in the form of academic results of our students. The fine abilities of our teaching staff, have made the students perfect in academics and communication skills, which resulted in impeccable future for them.

Hence the Faculty Development Programs are conducted regularly at Vijaya, since they benefit the students ultimately.