The prestigious managerial course, MBA, is offered at Vijaya for the enthusiastic students. We resort to futuristic training, to foster the students to work according to the trends in the years to come. The premier faculty and state-of-the-art amenities at our college, play a prominent role in providing eminent coaching to the MBA students.

Faculty to nurture success

The faculty of MBA department is impeccable in training the students, since the lecturers have scintillating skills in the business and managerial aspects, and they are adept in the coaching traits too. They emphasize on each and every student, and work for their advancement in the academics and careers.

Excellent facilities

We offer excellent facilities in the campus, so that the MBA students can focus on the studies well, and progress astoundingly. Workshops, which provide real time managerial experience to the students, are conducted regularly to improve their skills. Other facilities like library, auditorium, seminar halls, etc too are offered for their development.

Numerous placement opportunities

We have tens of placement partners, who offer numerous job roles to the MBA students in the campus placements. The drives are organized in our campus, and the students are interviewed by the firms to assess their skills. Many students of ours are placed in the renowned companies throughout the globe.

Due to these factors, Vijaya is considered as an excellent college to pursue MBA.