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About Civil Department

The civil department was established in 2012 at Vijaya. It is offering exceptional civil engineering educational services for the students, leading to trumping percentages in the semester examinations.

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Vision & Mission

The civil engineering students should understand the core aspects, and they should apply the theoretical knowledge in the realistic scenarios. We provide the necessary assistance for this purpose.

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civil Hod. mr.p. siman saddam

HOD Profile

Mr. P.SUMAN SADDAM heads the CIVIL department, and he has an experience of  2    years in the niche. Due to the unique teaching and management traits, the department has secured a solid position in the academics.

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Department Faculty

Faculty is very important for pursuing engineering, since they are responsible for moulding the students, and we are blessed with imminent faculty, who have turned the careers of numerous students.

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Courses Offered

We provide UG (B.Tech), PG (M.Tech – Structural Engineering specialization) and Diploma courses in the electrical stream. The complexity of the academic topics vary for each course, while PG is the top most.

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Vijaya  Course Structure

Course Structure

Vijaya provides the civil engineering courses in a well-defined format, which is brought by the JNTU Hyderabad, known as the course structure. All the courses offered in Vijaya follow the dedicated formats.

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Academic Calendars

We organize the events to be carried out according to the course structure, and prepare calendars basing on the schedule. The students should follow them to keep on track with the events of the department.

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Admissions Eligibility

The eligibility to get admissions into the civil engineering department is decided by the university, JNTUH. The Intermediate marks and performance in EAMCET are taken into account for deciding the eligibility.

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Civil Program Outcomes

The civil engineering program outcomes unfold the skills of the students in tackling the civil aspects. Due to the excellent practical applications, they can serve the civil industry right after the graduation.

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Civil Career Prospects

Construction sector is needed for various purposes, like building houses and apartments, constructing roads, railway tracks, and bridges, and many more. Hence the career prospects are very huge.

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Why Civil Course @ VIJAYA 

Our college offers experienced civil faculty and infrastructure for the students, which can prove highly beneficial for them in shaping up academic careers. So, we are preferred for pursuing civil engineering.

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Vijaya civil infra


Immaculate infrastructure is needed for the civil engineering students, to carry out different types of practical works. So, we provide them with the advanced equipment to assist them propel in the academics.

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Research & Publications

Research work is very important for the civil students to gain practical experience, and hence, we encourage them to participate in the related activities, by providing them with the needed facilities.

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Department Events

The civil department events are framed to improve the practical skills of the students, and we insist them to participate in these programs. Workshops, fests, paper presentations, etc. are some of the events.

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Department Achievements

The innate talents of the civil students have led to various achievements in the events organized in the domestic and other platforms. They are victorious in the programs, earning medals, publications, etc.

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Vijaya  Department Placements

Department Placements

The civil students are offered with many on-campus placement programs, which provide them with excellent job prospects, and they can even get into the large scale global corporate companies from our campus.

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Vijaya CSE Department Alumn

Civil Department Alumni

Alumni is crucial for the department’s success, since they provide excellent assistance to the students in handling the academics, and flourish in their careers, as they are experienced in these aspects.

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Vijaya  department association

Department Associations

Departmental associations are good for the students, since they are provided with the funds for the research or project works, and advance technology. So, we offer it to our students for the obvious benefits.

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Department Notice Board

The civil departmental events are carried out with aplomb in Vijaya, and the information about them are presented to the students through the notice board, so that they can catch up with the programs.

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Department Blog

A blog is maintained by us, particularly to provide knowledge about the civil engineering aspects and concepts, to the avid readers. Several articles are written by the students on these topics.

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contact us laqs

Department Contact

Are you having any doubt regarding our civil department? If yes, then feel free to contact us at the mentioned contact details, and we will help you in no time. But, please do it so in the working timings.

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