About Mining Engineeing

About Mining Department

We have established the mining department in our college in 2008, with the aim to offer impeccable mining education standards to the aspirant students, and achieved phenomenal success in this regard.

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Vision & Mission

Mining industry needs talented engineers to carry out the activities, and as an educational institution, it is our responsibility to provide professional engineers from our stable to the mining sector.

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HOD Profile

Regati Sudhakar Reddy is the HOD of mining department, and he has an experience of 5 years in the industry and 10 years in the teaching field. He is able to lead the department with fine successes.

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Department Faculty

The mining students should be presented with the complete theoretical and practical aspects of the subject, for displaying excellent performance in the exams, and the faculty are exceptional in this regard.

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Courses Offered

We offer mining course in the B.Tech discipline. The required teaching expertise and infrastructure are provided, so that the students prepare and perform well in the academics and career prospects.

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Vijaya  Course Structure

Course Structure

The mining course structure and tenure is decided by JNTUH, and the B.Tech course usually spans for 4 years. Semesters are introduced from the second year, and the subjects are offered accordingly.

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Academic Calendars

The academic calendars are prepared to organize the academic programs in a systematic manner, according to the university’s planning, and they are offered for the students to prepare well for the events.

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Admissions Eligibility

The students should possess the required criteria for gaining eligibility to get admission into the mining department. The criteria is set by the JNTUH University, and complying with it is necessary.

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Mining Program Outcomes

The mining graduates will be able to offer excellent services in the various job roles of the industry. They can understand the requirements and provide excellent productivity for the benefit of this sector.

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Mining Career Prospects

Due to the need of high quality workforce in large numbers for the mining industry, the career prospects are excellent for the graduates. Numerous job roles are available for them in this sector.

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Why Mining Course @ VIJAYA 

We have immaculate experience in offering the mining course for the students, by providing them with the advanced features, excellent teaching faculty, and campus placements for securing employment.

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Mining Lab


We provide sophisticated infrastructure for the mining department, since the course demands such niceties for the students to understand the subject. All the necessary features are offered for them.

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Research & Publications

Research works act as a scale to assess the knowledge of the students, and hence, we encourage the graduate students of mining department to participate in the activities, and they excel in these aspects.

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Department Events

The mining department events, like symposiums, fests, paper presentations, etc. are organized for the benefit of the graduate students, and they display excellent practical skills in these programs.

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Department Achievements

Our department’s students and lecturers took part in numerous programs, which are conducted across the globe. Due to their stellar performances, they have gained various achievements for the college.

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Vijaya  Department Placements

Department Placements

Placement programs are conducted regularly in our department, and they are the impeccable venues for the graduate students to display their fine skills. Many global companies participate in these programs.

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Vijaya CSE Department Alumn

Mining Department Alumni

The role of alumni in assisting the students is indispensable, as they provide excellent thoughts and inputs out of their own experience and expertise, and they are invaluable in the current market.

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Vijaya  department association

Department Associations

The associations of mining department with many organizations, can prove crucial for the students, as they offer the needed assistance regarding the finances and technologies for the research projects.

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Department Notice Board

The mining department’s notice board acts like an excellent source of information for the students regarding the department activities, news and announcements. We release notifications via the notice board.

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Department Blog

High quality blogs provide excellent information, and ours is no different. We offer valuable articles regarding the various aspects of mining engineering, making the readers knowledgeable about them.

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Department Contact

Do not keep the doubts to yourself about our department. Just contact us to get the needed clarifications. We will be there for you to clear these doubts, and hence we are providing the contact details.

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