about eee

About EEE Department

Established in 2007, the Department of Electrical Engineering of the Vijaya engineering college offers programmes leading to Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree as well as diploma.

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Vision & Mission

To impart electrical and electronics engineering education, the need of excellent teaching expertise and fine amenities is of top priority, and we provide the students with these features to help them excel.

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hod profile.

HOD Profile

R.JASWANTH leads the electrical department with excellent ideas, impeccable electrical talent and leadership qualities. He has an experience of 8 years in the teaching field, with M.Tech degree in EEE.

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Department Faculty

EEE Faculty members at VIJAYA are committed to excellence in teaching, research and the advancement of the art and Electrical & Electronics.The faculties have vast experience both from Industry & Academics.We are passionate about technical research & Publications ...

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Courses Offered

The Electrical and Electronics Engineering courses, which are approved by the JNTUH University, are offered in our college. The students can select the area of interests in the electrical engineering field.

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Vijaya  Course Structure

Course Structure

In the electrical and electronics engineering the following subjects is our major course subjects  also  introduced by common electronics papers as well as the papers to develop the management skills and business skills are included our curriculum

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Academic Calendars

For the implementation of the course structures efficiently, we propose the academic calendars, which contain the organized schedules of the academic events related to the department, and guide the students.

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Admissions Eligibility

We have decided that the admissions eligibility is based on the guidelines of the university, and that means, the students should secure decent marks in intermediate exams, and achieve good ranks in EAMCET.

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EEE Program Outcomes

We provide excellent educational facilities to the EEE students, and hence the program outcomes are overwhelming. Our electrical graduates are ready to tackle the responsible job roles in the field.

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EEE Career Prospects

Electrical engineering is a core stream, and there are exclusive career prospects, like the power sector, electrical machines, power electronics, etc., in addition to the electronics and computer sectors.

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Why EEE Course @ VIJAYA 

Vijaya has transformed many electrical students into successful engineers, and we have mastered the art. To achieve academic and career milestones, Vijaya is the preferred destination for many students.

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eee infrastructure


To pursue electrical engineering, advanced infrastructure is needed in the laboratories, library, etc. The electrical machines, power electronics and power systems labs are provided with the latest equipment.

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Research & Publications

The electrical students should indulge in the research activities to learn various electrical concepts effectively. Hence we support them to take part in several research works and earn publications.

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Department Events

The EEE department conducts various events for the benefit of the students, like the fests, seminars, symposiums, etc. By participating in these events, the academic skills of the students improve.

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Department Achievements

Our talented teaching staff and students have participated in numerous events, and they have performed excellently in those programs. This performance has earned them and the college with many achievements.

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Vijaya  Department Placements

Department Placements

On-campus drives for the EEE students are conducted regularly, and majority of them are selected by the top companies of this sector. By joining us, the career prospects of our students are secured.

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Vijaya CSE Department Alumn

EEE Department Alumni

The alumni of EEE department participate in the live interactions with the students, and provide them with the necessary ideas and inputs, helping them to excel incredibly in the academics and careers.

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Vijaya  department association

Department Associations

We maintain associations with various organizations and companies related to the electrical sector. These agreements are crucial in providing the students with the required assistance for their research works.

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notice board laqs

Department Notice Board

EEE students are notified with the scheduled events, news and exam results by using our notice board. They should follow it to keep on track with the departmental events, like the internal exams, etc.

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Department Blog

EEE department maintains a dedicated blog for providing information regarding the Electrical and Electronics concepts. Various articles are uploaded for this purpose, and our students are behind this feat.

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contact us laqs

Department Contact

For any clarifications or queries, we are ready to help you, and hence, provided the contact details of the concerned persons. Call or email us to get the required clarifications about the department.

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