ECE is the engineering course to learn about electronics and communications. Its implementation is wide spread, and it is almost found in all streams.

It is hoped that this would produce engineers who would transform the face of modern electronics/computer world.

The primary objective of this department is to provide Quality education to the students, to mould them into good citizens of the country and make them surge ahead with knowledge and confidence to face the competitive world.

The ECE Department is one of the strongest department in the campus and stands high in its objectives and outcomes. The Department is technically storage with well experienced labs and qualified  staff members.

The Department has well equipped laboratories, library and e-classroom.

The department has established eight laboratories namely Electronics devices &circuits lab ,Analog Communication laboratory, Electronic circuits &Pulse Circuits laboratory, Basic simulation lab , Integrated Circuits & Applications laboratory, Microprocessor & Micro controller laboratory, Electronic Computer Aided design laboratory, Vlsi&e-cad laboratory and Microwave & Digital communications laboratory, which are fully equipped with test & measuring equipment and trainers specially designed for lab work.

Seminars, Workshops and Technical Symposia are conducted in the department to keep faculty and students updated with latest developments in various technologies.

In all courses the Department has built an excellent reputation for its graduates in terms of placements.