CSE department is fully equipped with the labs for hands-on learning opportunities, with this featuring VIJAYA Providing the State of art laboratories for the students to get hands on experience in Computer Science and Engineering areas.. 

S.NoDegree in the CommitteeDepartment Specialization ShiftYearSemName of the LaboratoryNo. Of ExperimentsFloor Area (in sqm)
1B.TechCSECSE12nd1DataStructures Through C1272
2B.TechCSECSE12nd1Electrical andElectronics Lab1272
3B.TechCSECSE12nd2Java Programming Lab1272
4B.TechCSECSE12nd2Database Management Systems Lab1272
5B.TechCSECSE13rd1Computer Networks and Operating Systems Lab1572
6B.TechCSECSE13rd1Microprocessors and Interfacing Lab1072
7B.TechCSECSE13rd2Advanced English Communication Skills Lab1072
8B.TechCSECSE13rd2Web Technologies & Compiler Design Lab1072
9B.TechCSECSE14th1Linux Programming and Data Mining Lab1072
10B.TechCSECSE14th1Case Tools and Software Testing Lab1572
11M.TechCSECSE11st1Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms Lab1572
12M.TechCSECSE11st2Web Services Lab1572
13M.TechCSECF&IS11st1Applied Cryptography Lab1572
14M.TechCSECF&IS12nd2Ethical Hacking1572