A range of program outcomes can be observed for the CSE group. The graduates are able to:

  • Use the basic and fundamental principles of mathematics, science and computer engineering in deriving results for the CSE projects.
  • Implement the vast knowledge of Computer Sciences and Engineering in the real time scenario, and provide the required solutions for the firms.
  • Implement the advanced concepts of this subject to offer software solutions to various issues.
  • Understand the contemporary problems, and take the appropriate steps to resolve them.
  • Work in teams, and provide maximum output for the company. They can tackle the work of their teammates too, when the need arises. They value team work more than any other aspect, particularly individual achievements.
  • Carry out the CSE experiments, and prepare the programming codes. They can even compile the codes, and use the results in various advanced projects.
  • Understand and turn perfect in different computer platforms, so as to suit the market requirements, and provide marvelous services to the computer industry.
  • Speak fluently with the clients, and also able to write efficiently, facilitating their entry into the international arena.
  • Create software applications and hardware components within the realistic aspects, like political, social and economic, while giving utmost importance to the public health and security.