B. Tech. program in Electrical Engineering at Vijaya engineering college Khammam has been designed to generate the following skills and abilities amongst the successful students, as stated under (1) through (15) below:

  1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
  2. An ability to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.
  3. An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability, and sustainability.
  4. An ability to function on multi-disciplinary teams.
  5. An ability to identify, formulates, and solve engineering problems.
  6. An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.
  7. An ability to communicate effectively.
  8. The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.
  9. Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning.
  10. Knowledge of contemporary issues.
  11. Graduates can participate and succeed in competitive examinations like GATE, CAT, GRE and other PSU exams.
  12. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practice.
  13. Knowledge of probability & statistics, discrete mathematics applicable to electrical engineering.
  14. A knowledge of mathematics through differential and integral calculus, and basic science, computer science, and engineering sciences, necessary to analyze and design complex electrical and electronic devices, software, and systems containing hardware and software components, as appropriate to electrical engineering.

 Graduates will demonstrate skills to use Modern Measuring tools like power quality analyzer, digital storage oscilloscope, multimeters and calibrators in addition to Software’s like MATLAB, Labview, PSCAD, P-Sim, MiPower, and DSpace