To be nationally and internationally recognized in providing electrical engineering education and training candidates to become well-qualified engineers who are capable of making valuable contributions to their profession and carrying out higher studies successfully. It will provide programs of the highest quality to produce globally competent technocrats who can address challenges of the millennium to achieve sustainable socio-economic development Electrical Engineering Department is to be a model of excellence in technical education and research by producing world-class graduates who are prepared for life-long engagement in the rapidly changing fields of electrical and related fields.


To offer high quality programs in the field of electrical engineering, to train students to be successful both in professional career as well as higher studies and to promote excellence in teaching, research, collaborative activities and contributions to the society.

  • Quality education and excellent environments for students
  • To learn and practice latest technologies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering platforms prevalent in industry
  • Integrated with opportunities for teamwork, leadership, values, ethics and social activities
  • To impart the state-of-the-art knowledge in the relevant field of Electrical Engineering.
  • To prepare students to face the challenges in the area of Electrical Engineering