Mechanical engineering features excellent program outcomes, which are crucial for the professional and personal development of the graduates. The students are able to

  • Understand the basics and important concepts of mechanical engineering, and implement them in the practical aspects.
  • Use the fundamentals, basics and principles of engineering, science and mathematics, to derive the necessary results.
  • Understand the realistic aspects and scenarios, and act according to them. They are able to design and manufacture the products according to these needs, and contribute for the benefit of the industry and society.
  • Conduct the mechanical experiments, assimilate the output data, and utilize it in the various aspects of mechanical engineering. This results in the implementation of effective solutions, which can lead to the production of excellent products or path breaking concepts.
  • Talk and write with ease, which is very useful to sustain in the corporate world, and compete in the global theatre. It also facilitates the mechanical engineers to learn more about the clients’ requirements, and offer them with impeccable services.
  • Learn about various things of mechanical engineering and the industry updates. It helps to indulge in life-long learning, which is beneficial for the engineers as well as the industry.
  • Create the products and services within the boundaries of the realistic conditions.