The essence of Mechanical Engineering is evident in solving the intricacies of various sectors. In fact, this field of engineering is applicable in every aspect which involves rotatory movement, like automobiles, machines, robotics, etc.

This sector is too vast, and it consists of a wide array of in-depth aspects. Learning them is an uphill task for the engineering students, since the subject demands exceptional educational services to enlighten them. Vijaya is up for the incredible challenge, and it provides outstanding coaching to the mechanical engineering students.

Perfect coaching

The teaching faculty of mechanical engineering department at Vijaya provides precise coaching to the students. All the core aspects of the field are taught with special emphasis, and the other topics too are presented in a formidable manner. This efficient teaching fosters the technical and academic skills of the students, and drives them to perform exceptionally in the academics.

State-of-the-art laboratories

We present eminent laboratories for the students, which feature the required advanced equipment. Due to the presence of adept infrastructure in the labs, our mechanical engineering students can perform different types of experiments and research activities, which help them attain perfection in the subjects.

Employment opportunities in our campus placements

We organize placement drives in our campus, which are the fine venues for the companies to hire the talent. The mechanical engineering students can display their excellence at these venues, and secure eminent job roles.